05 September 2011

So long as you do not stop

I've not been blogging for a long time, just over a year actually. 2 weeks after my last post, my father died. It went much faster than we expected. It was tough, but somehow not as tough as the 9 months before, when he was very sick with cancer. After that, I didn't feel the urge to blog for a while, nothing seemed worth saying really.

Also my life got turned upside down in another way... I agreed to work for 7 months in Copenhagen, but without letting go of my life in Amsterdam. Deciding to do this was tough as it meant chosing my work over my personal life (which is not in line with my values),  but (ironically) this allowed me to have the right conditions to be able to buy a flat in Amsterdam, a dream I'd had for about 5 years.

So I started commuting between Amsterdam and Copenhagen, returning most weekends. I was spending about 2 precious evenings a week at airports, that's a lot of time. As well as trying to set up my flat, and spending time with my family in this period of mourning, and trying to keep in touch with my friends near and far etc. All together quite overwhelming.

I didn't take time to blog. But I journalled regularly, most mornings on the train, and often at the aiport, or at home or in cafes. I also started trying to improve my photography skills. And then one day I felt drawn to my blog again, I started having ideas for it and things I wanted to share.

Now I will see where this feeling will take me. Not long ago I saw this wonderful sticker on a mailbox which reminds me:
Wise words - mailbox Copenhagen

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