30 January 2013

Another of my obsessions

In Florence

Mareil-Marly - streetlamp with a stalactite

Mareil-Marly, on a snowy day

Andrea Scher from Superherolife talks about her photo obsessions like finding faces in food. I started realising I also have obsessions of my own. Street lamps are one of them (not entirely disconnected to old-fashioned signs, I guess I like the old style). Here are a few I quickly found in my photo collection. I'll see if I find more...

29 January 2013

More signs in Florence

This last sign was for a tabacco store at a monastery (it also doubled as a souvenir shop selling chocolate and delicious liqueurs. These monks definitely know what's important in life!)

14 January 2013

Colours in and around Florence

Sometimes out of the corner of my eye I spot colours that just need to be captured. Even if they are nothing special I love the contrasts they create.

13 January 2013

My obsession with old-fashioned signs in Florence

I have this obsession with old-fashioned signs. I was so spoilt in Florence where I was surrounded by them. Here is a little selection (there were many more).