27 September 2011

Copenhagen street art - part 1

I don't remember when I started to really like street art, but I think it began when I fell upon the Banksy book in the living room of the flat I was sharing. His art was so funny and witty, it just had me laughing to myself. Or maybe it was the Laser 3.14 messages all around Amsterdam. I'm not certain. But since a few years I really enjoy spotting art on the walls, stencils, graffiti or stickers that are left apparently for the sole purpose of getting us to look at a things differently.
Around Copenhagen I found lots of exciting things and wish I had had more roaming time to discover other things... In Vesterbro just close to my place I found these by Basco5, they are totally cool and so cute, and on his website there's much more...  http://www.bascofive.com/main.html

I'll put up some more of my findings soon. It's fun searching the web to find out more about who is behind these beauties:-)

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