30 September 2012

Deep down at the bottom of the ocean

When I was little I had a book about animals and sea life which featured these amazing fish that live so deep down in the ocean that it's completely dark. They have integrated this kind of light that stems from the top of their head so they can see where they're going... Was amazed to see one beautifully painted on the side of this boat in Amsterdam Noord.

06 September 2012

A helping hand

Near my house in Amsterdam Zuid I noticed a bland wall near the prison recently had picked up some colour. I went to have a closer look, it's a gorgeous mural! I don't know if it is finished yet, I'll keep an eye on it. I felt like that hand was pointed towards me, like a helping hand. I wonder if the prisoners can see it? Was it made to cheer them up? More on Rua Reflexo on Urban Art.

05 September 2012

Such strength

I love these flowers, they are symbolise the strength I need at the moment, in another time of mourning. You can't see it on the picture, but the flowers are really tiny, the pot is a recycled glass yoghurt pot;-) I just broke off a small branch with closed buds from a plant I found on my Dad's grave and put it in some soil.  Magically the flowers have bloomed!  I am always amazed by plants and how slowly but surely they develop. It makes me so hopeful:-)

03 May 2012

From Toronto to Amsterdam

There are these blogs that just never cease to amaze. I am really enjoying http://www.iambidong.com/ , I visit the blog very regularly knowing there will be a new photo for every day. The main themes are rooftopping, urban exploration and street photography. The images are stunning and I enjoy the sharp comments accompanying them, as well as the links to other photographers and websites. This is definitely a site to bookmark.

All those wonderful pictures make me want to go out and shoot more and more pictures. This is a skyline of Amsterdam Zuidas reflected in the ING 'iceskate' building this evening.

21 February 2012

Urban exploration: Sugar City

Today on my way home from work I got off the bus and went to explore a place which had been catching my eye every evening when I sat on the bus. It was my first official urban exploration. It used to be a sugar factory but has been closed down since 1992, though there are plans to renovate and transform it soon.

The place is really stimulating for the eyes, I couldn't enter but managed to get a few indoor shots by twisting my wrist through the railing. The place has a magical, derelict feel to it.

15 January 2012


Inspired by Andrea Scher I've been trying to see the beauty in ordinary things. I loved this metal plate with the graffiti of the word 'Paz' being eaten through by the rust... it had such an amazing texture, I wanted to photograph it over and over again

You are being watched... - part 2