29 May 2009


This message took my breath away...
Note to self: remember to read this regularly, enjoy every moment and 'reawaken the possibility of possibility'

It's by David Horvitz - cool website (I love the 'things for sale I will mail you')

20 May 2009

Simple pleasures of Life - Fresh orange juice

I love the pleasure of taking the time to press some fresh oranges in the morning. The action of cutting and pressing the oranges by hand is hypnotic, then scraping the pulp of the fruit so as not to lose a drop...

Drinking it immediately when it is still full of all the vitamines and tasting the goodness with each gulp is magic.

Its a wonderful start to the day :-)

13 May 2009

Noire et Blanche

This is an interesting statement for a photo made in the 20's. I love the esthetics of this picture, it's simplicity and yet all it conveys.

One afternoon with nothing else to do, we decided to make our own personal version with my sister, inspired by a book of Man Ray photographs that she had lying around.

It was a magical afternoon and the memory of the fun we had pops up everytime I look at this picture which is bluetacked to the wooden beam in my room. Surprisingly it took more time than I expected to make this reproduction: we had to take many shots, hold the light the best we could and attempt to capture the essence as well as be as true to the original as possible.

Here is the result:

08 May 2009


I like this simple saying: it says so much and it pacifies me when I suddenly feel overwhelmed by doubts.

The interpretation is left to the reader: is it a wise person formally telling someone the trust themself, or a statement encouraging to trust each other?

06 May 2009


Now that Queensday madness has calmed down, I'm finding my city again... with lots of wonderful little streets which I discover anew everytime. The canals and boathouses, philosophical tags by Laser 3.14, independent shops, cute caf├ęs...

I was already inspired by the city in 2006 when I drew this fictitious street... To think that I still have so many magic places to experience, it never stops.

05 May 2009

The simple pleasures of life - Oil pastels

I've had this box of pastels for years, maybe more than ten years. I love them and yet I don't get them out enough. I'm rediscovering the pleasures of the 'fat' colours, the bright colours and the simple joy of applying them on paper and seeing them rub off...

01 May 2009

Remember this...

when things seem over-complicated for no particular reason, when the brain makes everything into a big deal. Don't take yourself too seriously!