17 February 2013

Making jam

Making jam is one of those indoor house activities that I love. I save all my little glass jars in order to have them on hand when I want to make jam.

Yesterday I went looking for a seasonal ingredient for my jam, pear seemed to be the winner. So I went to the market, bought 4 tasty pears (mine were Comice pears, though the recipe I found recommended Williams), 2 kiwis and 2 bananas.
Simple recipe, I just cut up all the fruit (without skin and seeds), put everything in a pan with about 700g of sugar, let it cook for 12 minutes, stirring regularly. Then I let the fruit cool a little, before blending the mix (not too finely, because I like my jam with bits of fruit in it).
I then put it into the jars (cleaned, boiled and dried beforehand). I close the jars and let them cool upside down until they are cold. Taadaah! This morning I indulged pancakes with the fresh jam and I found it delicious. The fruit mix really well together, and I could really taste their different flavours.                    

16 February 2013

Streetart - A walk in West

On the bus on my way home I pass this beautifully painted wall. I always wondered what it said... Finally yesterday on my way home from work I decided to get off the bus and take a closer look. It says 'Harmony' upside down. I love the colours!

Burgermeester de Vlughtlaan

This one is also along the bus line, gorgeous painting covering the whole facade of the building.
Pachamama - Burgermeester Fockstraat

15 February 2013

More streetlamps

This one looks like it has a proper lampshade with all its cute stalactites.

 Both of these pictures were snapped in Oud-Zuid in Amsterdam.

14 February 2013

Icy-cold Valentine

Today when I arrived at work and saw the bright orange sun trying to pierce through the clouds I was hoping for another dry and sunny day...  Instead it was grey and so cold that the rain frosted onto the windows and we couldn't see through them. The snow then started falling and swirling around outside.

I'm happy to be inside and warm now, about to make pizza and enjoy a good glass of wine with my boyfriend. Those are the simple pleasures of life:-)

11 February 2013

Gorgeous snow

It was snowing this weekend in Amsterdam, all of a sudden big snowflakes while I rode my bike home. I wished I had my camera with me as I saw some funny scenes (including a Sex and the City-like bunch of girls walking through the snowy park in stilettos and short skirts).

I still took some pictures when I got back and felt grateful for waking up to this gorgeous view from my balcony.

09 February 2013

Inspiration collage

Yesterday I came back from a stressful afternoon at work and though I was tempted to space out and just watch series on my computer, I resisted and instead got out a pile of old magazines and my trusty scissors and glue to do some 'cutting and pasting'.This is one of the best therapeutic activities I can do to calm my brain. I get into this zone where all I can see are colours and pictures and words that catch my eye. It really relaxes me and I was happy of the result.