17 February 2013

Making jam

Making jam is one of those indoor house activities that I love. I save all my little glass jars in order to have them on hand when I want to make jam.

Yesterday I went looking for a seasonal ingredient for my jam, pear seemed to be the winner. So I went to the market, bought 4 tasty pears (mine were Comice pears, though the recipe I found recommended Williams), 2 kiwis and 2 bananas.
Simple recipe, I just cut up all the fruit (without skin and seeds), put everything in a pan with about 700g of sugar, let it cook for 12 minutes, stirring regularly. Then I let the fruit cool a little, before blending the mix (not too finely, because I like my jam with bits of fruit in it).
I then put it into the jars (cleaned, boiled and dried beforehand). I close the jars and let them cool upside down until they are cold. Taadaah! This morning I indulged pancakes with the fresh jam and I found it delicious. The fruit mix really well together, and I could really taste their different flavours.                    

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