26 July 2010

A weekend away

I just spent a short weekend away on Terschelling, the biggest of the Wadden islands in the north of the Netherlands. The island is truly beautiful, with dunes, pines forests and gorgeous long beaches of white sand. We spent our time there enjoying the simple pleasures of life: feet in the sand, jumping photos, a long walk along the shore, much chatting and a lot of laughter, good food. It was so good to smell the ocean air, feel the wind and the sun shining on my skin, to see the beautiful landscapes. A weekend like this is enough to awaken all my senses, make me want to do new things and see new places (even not far from home) and give me energy for the next weeks...


  1. Great photo and I really enjoyed your writing about the weekend at the beach. I'm ready for another long weekend at the Washington State Coast in Long Beach. Very similar to your beaches, grassy dunes, pine forests and sand (gray sand)soft breezes and lots of fun! Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  2. A great shot!!! I totally agree with you - a weekend away does wonders.